Liam Neeson's "Unknown" (2011)

Unknown Went and watched Unknown with Vivian at Westfield Eastgarden today -- something that I would never been able to do with a day job. 10:40am in the morning with bunch of oldies in the cinema, and almost felt like one as well.

As of the movie -- acting was good and Liam Neeson was great. It was a bit boring at the beginning, where you know about it all from the movie trailers. Dr. Martin Harris went into coma for 4 days, and everything changed for him when he woke up. Identity stolen, wife stolen and being treated like a lunatic in Berlin. Then the action starts -- that's how much the trailer has told us. There is however a big twist in the plot in the final act, which tells us why everything happened the way it happened, which was a surprise. The ending is a bit weak, but strong deliverance of the story nevertheless.

Moral of the story: don't ask the taxi driver to load your suitcases!