Larry/Netregistry Complained About Uneven Playing Field

Via, Larry Bloach of Netregistry backs Gerry Harvey's campaign on applying GST to imported goods/services.

I personally don’t care if Harvey Norman’s or Myer’s profitability is adversely affected but the uneven playing field does affect hundreds of thousands of Small Businesses, and for the families and employees of these, it’s another matter all together.

He seems to have quite a bit of distortion on what an average Australian person believe. Too much a blind faith I'll say.

Whilst we all like a good, cheap deal, we as a nation are fair people. We won’t wear sports shoes delivered cheaply to us on the back of child labor in Asian sweatshops. Similarly, we shouldn’t be so quick to save a buck when it comes unfairly at the cost of a battling small Australian retailer who is immediately 10% less competitive due to a tax loophole delivered to non-Australian retailers.

Like Gerry Harvey's case, it would be a trivial problem if the only disparity between Australian goods/services and overseas imported equivalent is 10% in pricing. However the fact that it is not. Larry is in domain and hosting business and he should know. Especially with hosting -- overseas vendors are way more than 10% cheaper than Australian providers, and in many cases, arguably more reliable as well.