Two are better than one

For the past 12 months OzBargain has been running on a single Linode 720 at Linode, in their Fremont data centre. I thought it was pretty good for a Drupal website getting 5 million page views per month, especially renting that VPS is pretty much free to me :) Due to surge in traffic as end of financial year draws close, it has been struggling though. Loadavg will go over 1 regularly during day time, and can peak at 3-4 in evening hours. It was so bad at one stage that Nginx would stop serving FastCGI requests.

So I went and got another Linode 720 at Fremont running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, and migrated the database (~700MB so far) at 1:30am yesterday morning. There was around 10 minutes of downtime for me to copy the database around and reconfigure the files. And now OzBargain is running on two $39.95/month servers, one running Nginx + PHP-FastCGI, and the other running MySQL. Here's the loadavg of the web server (taken from Cacti)

Alderaan Load

Note the big drop of load on the 12th. Two are indeed better than one :)

Looking at hitting 6 million page views this month and I know everything is going to die down a bit until around October/November. Let's see how long this setup will last.