At Physio This Morning

What happened yesterday morning at 5:30am

  • Anna called from her room that she wanted to go to the bathroom
  • Got out of bed, went to her room, and then carried her all the way to bathroom for wee.
  • Carried her all the way back to her room and put her to sleep.
  • Back to my own room. Laid down on my back...
  • "Ouch"

Yeah. Somehow I injured my back -- to a point that it was too painful to go to work yesterday. Vivian booked me to see the physio at Unigym this morning so I can at least have some "fix" before heading to work. It's the same physio she visited last week, whom I have never met, nor knew that Vivian and I are related.

So this morning. After filling out the form, she said, "Oh, your wife and daughter been here before?" Yup, that would be Elsie.


"She looks just like you!"

"Right... You haven't seen the other one!"

Told Vivian about how others commented the similarity between Elsie and me when I got home this evening, and she wasn't impressed :)

Anyway. At the end of the day, I need

  • A lot of stretches throughout the day.
  • Frequent exercise during the week.
  • Good posture when sitting in front of computers.

Or maybe I need to find a job that is not desk-bound...