O-Week Cold Turkey at Uni

So yesterday afternoon I tweeted:

Did a day of 'cold turkey' on the main walkway of UNSW. Really exhausted now but had some good conversations.

Got a reply from Big Al a few minutes later:

@scottyang cold turkey.. ?

So... What exactly does cold turkey mean, especially in my context?

I cannot remember where the term "cold turkey" was from, but I guess it would be familiar with the gangs at Unichurch or Campus Bible Study at UNSW -- especially if you have done some SOCM courses (oops, way too many jargons already). It basically means doing street evangelism with complete strangers -- and in my context, on the main university walkway during O-week. Another phrase for it -- "library lawning" although as an engineering student back in my days, library has never been my territory :)

O-week 2009 for UNSW kicked start yesterday so I took a day off from work to get on campus to do pamphleting and chatting with whoever is interested to come to Christian church on campus. I had a few good conversations and I think one guy from China where I talked to near CLB might actually understand the gospel for the 1st time!

Another thing I have realised -- I am probably getting too old to do this. Body is still aching...