Last Day at Work in 2008

Last "working" day for me for 2008, as I will be taking 4 days off next week and resume "work" on the 5th of January. "Work" is in double quotation mark because it refers to only my office work during the day time at IRESS. I am pretty sure I'll spend time with my websites. And then there's preparation for FOCUS Mandarin, which is starting on 4th of January.

Work today has been a breeze. Got onto an express bus into the city (which is unusually early for me), and the whole trip from 9 Ways Kingsford to Martin Place only took around 15 minutes. Tidy up some loose ends and wrote out some specs so my colleague can continue my work next week. My manager left at around lunch time, and called back at around 3 to check why we haven't left yet... Btw it felt weird to have your manager following you on Twitter -- it certainly has limited what I can whinge about work...

Tomorrow -- morning Christmas service at St. Andrew's Cathedral with Peter Jensen giving the talk, follow by picnic in the city.

Merry Christmas everyone!