Christmas for the Epic Fail

From SMH: Messages of faith, focus and failure,

At St Andrew's Cathedral the Anglican Archbishop, Peter Jensen, told the assembled crowd they were a bunch of failures: "But that's the message of Christmas - the arrival of Jesus to save us from those failures."

In a very personal sermon, Dr Jensen spoke of his near failure in his leaving certificate. He said the greatest failure was the unwillingness to accept our faults.

Looks like the media has done it again, failed to pick up the main failure that Peter Jensen talked about yesterday -- the relationship failure between God and man. At least the conclusion was not too bad.

The Christmas message, he said, was "not of grimness, gloom and disaffection but joy in the saviour who comes along to fix the colossal mess in the world".

It just needs a few more words to make it clearer -- "... to fix the colossal mess in the world, i.e. sin". Back to editing room, now!