Catch Up Week

It's going to be the week of catching up.

Daucheng Last Friday I went and picked up my primary school friend from air port, and brought him around Sydney Eastern suburbs on Saturday and Sunday. I have not seen him since migrating to Australia back in 1990 -- which makes that 18 years. Neither have we been in touch as I am such a bad person in relationship building. However, neither do I feel awkward chatting with an old friend, despite we haven't talked for such a long time.

We got back in contact via MSN Messenger. Somehow we subscribed to each other's presence, and he contacted me a few months prior to coming to Australia for presentation (part of his PhD program).

For the coming Sunday, I am meeting up my high school friend whom I met on the Gold Coast (where I studied high school). No, we were actually not from the same school, but he played bass and I played guitar in the same band, in the good ol' days. I came to Sydney to study in UNSW back in '95, and he came the year after to study in USyd -- although we didn't really keep in touch for the last 10 years. And now both of us are married -- he married a Taiwanese and I married a Hongkie. He has two sons and I have two daughters.

We are going to Mosman for BBQ this Sunday, and we caught up via Facebook.

Thank you instant messengers and social networks.