Open MicroBlogging on WordPress, Anyone?

I have been trying to install so I can break free from Twitter, but haven't really got around to it. Then here comes the thoughts for today -- why there isn't a Open Micro Blogging plugin for WordPress, so I can just

  • Write a short 140-character micro-blog-post, and then assign it to a special category.
  • It then pings all microblogging servers with my followers on it to update their message queue.
  • WordPress can also take incoming requests and then populate my message queue with those whom I follow.

I guess things like Twitter-API emulation, XMPP integration, etc can all come later, so I just need one single WordPress installation to do both my regular blogging and my micro-blogging. Or maybe such plugin already exists?

I might actually sit down and look at how easy it is to implement something like this -- if I have the time (i.e. no I don't have time to do it). Going to Microsoft Tech.Ed 2008 for the next 3 days to be brain-washed by the evil empire because somehow work signed me up for it. Really excited... Not! That means I'll also miss out CityBibleForum tomorrow :(