Planet 3 Privacy Issue?

Something weird happened to my 3 Skypephone today and I am not even sure whether it's just my account, or a 3-wide software glitch.

At around 5pm today I grabbed my phone and was trying to browse some news content. The phone is on roaming -- which I wasn't so surprised. At my place which is in the Eastern suburbs, less than 10km from Sydney CBD, I usually get only 1 or 2 bars of signal when I am on 3G. Occasionally it will drop out completely and fall into roaming. While network goes to roaming, browsing around Planet 3 still works but at reduced functionality.

Then I spotted -- hey it looks somewhat different, as I have a customised start up page. I followed the link to "My 3". Wow, it wasn't even my account!

My 3 Issue

First of all, my plan is NOT Hot $99 Cap. In fact I don't usually spend more than $10 on mobile calls per month, let along $99! Actually I don't even have a Three plan -- I am on prepaid! Then I found, hey, it has someone else's phone number (which has been masked out in the photo to protect the innocent). Not only now I know what phone number that person has, what mobile plan he is on, I now also knows (1) how much he has spent so far this month (2) what handset is he using (3) what value pack he has subscribed to -- and more! Who knows what else can I dig out from those pages accidentally sent to me?! To me it is a big privacy issue.

Looks like Planet 3 is sending me some pages that I am not supposed to see. Worse -- a few minutes later when I tried again, I am now looking at ye another person's details using a completely different cap plan and mobile hand set.

Anyone having similar issue today?