We Are On Sydney Morning Herald!

Cheung Sing and the Yang's Lazy Saturday morning. Checked my email at around 11am, and got an email from Elsie Lam with a catching subject: Picture of you in the newspaper!!. Ouch -- is that in the crime section?! Hopefully not. No chance in Sports nor in the gossip section either, I think. Then Elsie passed me this link, which she also blogged about:

Sydney Morning Herald: Cheung Sing BBQ House

Spot the family in the background at the last row of table? I have made it to the newspaper, finally! I think that was 2 weeks ago and Vivian was chatting with a lady from China whom just happened to sat next to us. She has a daughter who was slightly younger than Anna (whom immediately became a friend of Anna's).

Funny expression from the bottom-right guy in the picture. "Where is my food?" :)