Network Solutions is the Best

Network Solutions is the best because they registered even before I asked them to! All I did was making a WHOIS query on their website to check the availability of this domain, and they have registered that domain without me going to the checkouts!

How can I say bad things about a company that gives me such praises?! These guys are the best!

(Okay, sorry about the sarcasm. For more information about Network Solutions doing dodgy domain tasting please read Jay Westerda's discovery on Domain Tools Blog, and my remark on the same topic at the Whirlpool forums last night. Here is the extract:

The thing is, dodgy registrars do domain tasting by putting heaps of ads on the domain to "test the water". However it is not the case with Network Solutions -- all they put on the domain is a link for you to buy that domain at their inflated price. Someone from NetSol commented on DotSause saying they are not monetising the domain.


Network Solutions makes sure its search data is secure and we do not sell it any third party. I know that Network Solutions has no intention of keeping any searched domain or monetizing it.

I think what they did is probably trying to block the competition, so that no one can perform a WHOIS on NetSol and then register the same domain at GoDaddy for less.

The problem is, all the WHOIS queries might only be logged by the registrar and dodgy domainers have no way of knowing them (unless the registrars themselves are dodgy by selling the WHOIS queries). However all the domain changes are public knowledge from websites like

Now, all the dodgy domainers don't have to buy the WHOIS queries. All they need to do now is check the domains registered by NetSol as NelSol registers them as soon as WHOIS query is made. Since NetSol has no intention to keep and monetise those domains, the dodgy domainers can just snap them up when NetSol releases them.

At the end, NetSol is NOT helping their customers by registering these domains, but they are unintentionally (or intentionally??) helping the domain tasters.

Bad. Very bad.

They now have changed the landing page showing "This Site Is Under Construction and Coming Soon" as of this morning, but the practise of registering as soon as WHOIS query is made still remains.