Akismet Offline?

Mike Arrington of TechCrunch shared his list of Web 2.0 Companies he could not live without, and on the point of Wordpress.

Their Akismet spam comment blocking service is a godsend - without it we would quite simply be overrun with spam. It catches 15,000 or more spam comments per day and auto-deletes them.

I agree that Akismet has been a great help keeping the number of spams down here. It might not be 15,000 comment spams a day, but since I first deployed Akismet plugin on this blog, it has already blocked 220,000+ spams for me.

So you'll know it when Akismet is offline -- lots of comment spams came through waiting for manual moderation. I can't seem to get onto their website, and their blog returns system error 500 every now and then. Anyone else experiencing the same? I won't be surprised if they get DDoS'ed, which seems to be the norm these days with all the spam-fighting companies.