Twitter Killed My Blog

Just in case you have not noticed, I have not been blogging here as frequently as I used to be. It certainly feels pretty dead here. During the exercise of searching for the killer of my blog, I found that there has been an increasing activity at Twitter, where I wrote "tweets" on things popping up during the day.

Twitter It is just so much less work than blogging. No more logging into WordPress. No more thinking about a catching title. No more battling with my broken English. Since I use TwitterFox on Firefox, and bound the key to <F9>, I just press the key to bring up the window, type in a short message, press enter and I have done some micro-blogging! In fact, due to the 140 character limitation on Twitter I actually cannot talk about something deep and meaningful. Far too easy for me.

Twitter now also has integration with Facebook, where your new tweets can automatically update your Facebook status. While it sounds useful, it really severely limits what you can tweet about, as Facebook automatically prefixes "Scott is" in front of my status.

Anyway. Don't be alerted when you have not seen me blogging for a while. Check my Twitter feed for latest updates.

(The actual reason why I have not been blogging is of course my own lazyness :)