iPod Generation Six

Yes. It was released this morning.

iPod Gen 6

Now the iPod family consists of:

iPod Touch

8GB/16GB solid state with iPhone-like touch-screen interface, 3.5" widescreen display, Safari web browser and Wi-Fi. $419/$549.

iPod Classic

80GB/160GB 1.8" hard disk with an all metal design, 2.5" widescreen LCD, weight at 140g/162g, $349/$479.

iPod Nano

4GB/8GB solid state, 2" widescreen LCD at 320x240, weight at 49.2g, $199/$279.

iPod Shuffle

1GB solid state, weight at 15.6g, $99.

iPod Touch looks good, and us Aussies can finally experience iPhone's interface through the official channel. Not cheap at $419 though, and Wi-Fi hotspot is not that easy to find even in Sydney CBD. It would be much better to also include Bluetooth and then you would be able to hook it up with your Three or NextGen phone to access the Internet.

iPod Classic seems to be a pretty good upgrade. Capacity is now more than doubled at the same price. Nano looks "fat" and not "nano" anymore, although being able to watch H264-encoded movie at 320x240 2" LCD will be a big selling point.

Again, I planned to buy none of these. Mr. Job -- try harder next time and give me something more desirable :)