WordPress 2.2 Released

Hyundai GetzMatt: WordPress 2.2 "Getz" has been released. Of course, "Getz" came from the Jazz musician Stan Getz. However the first thing that popped up in my head is actually this Hyundai's little tinbox.

So what do we have?

  • WordPress Widgets -- Never going to use it as I don't even have a sidebar here.
  • Full Atom support -- time to fix up my old code to support Atom publishing?
  • New Blogger importer -- again not very useful to me.
  • Infinite comment stream -- not useful, especially when Akismet is working.
  • Speed optimizations -- now we are talking. Any benchmark?

A bit more interesting for the developers. jQuery is now standard, which is pretty good. I am using jQuery for some of my other projects, and it is probably one of the most useful Javascript library out there. Hard-coding WP URL is also going to be useful to me, especially when you do staging with your WP installations.

I guess the question for now is -- upgrade or not? It is bloody easy to upgrade a batch of sites, but not sure whether 2.2's added complexity gives true usefulness to some of my fellow bloggers at FOCUSer.net.