Sleepless on Gardeners Road

Road work on gardeners road What time is it now? 12:30am at mid night! However it has been very hard to get to sleep because RTA is doing road work right outside my house right now. They are doing a new layer on Gardeners Road near the Chilean Cafe -- and you know the noise involved. Let along all the de-toured cars hooning around trying to find their way get to the other end. Elsie wouldn't want to go to sleep so she has to sleep on our bed tonight.

Road work will continue until 2nd of June I think. A few more sleepless nights I guess. Or maybe I just need to get more tired.

Vivian and I also managed to watch The Great Global Warming Swindle on Google video tonight. Very interesting point of view on global warming and political agenda. I think there are a lot of dispute on the "facts" being represented in the film, although personally I think it is just about as controversial as Al Gore's argument.

20 minutes to 1am. Still way too noisy outside.