I am on Facebook

Facebook Logo As Facebook has just been predicted as the largest social network on Internet, I think it would be a good time dusting off my Facebook account and check out what the hype is all about.

Looks like it is still appealing to those who are in their 20's, just like MySpace is appealing to the teens. I can't even join a university network without having a current university email address. D'oh, I should have kept my alumni email account. I guess for 30+ oldies like me, a LinkedIn profile would be much more useful. Sorry, I don't have time socialising, but please help when I am looking for a new job :)

Developers for Facebook, however, looks quite interesting. It provides a RESTy API and HTML-like markup language to build applications inside the Facebook platform. There are various client libraries, and even a Python module. It is a bit too late for me looking into all the details, but from a list of functions provided, they provide a great basis to create some interesting mashup apps.