Working in Startup Company

Meetup Via Meg's post, Sydney OpenCoffee Meetup is an informal and regular meeting for people involved in, or want to be involved in "Startup Industry".

Date/Time: Thursday 3rd of May 2007, 8:30am
Location: Brew Cafe, 121 Harrington St, The Rocks, Sydney

How is "Startup Industry" defined? From Wikipedia's entry of Startup company:

A startup company is a company with a limited operating history. It may effectively cease to be a startup as it passes various milestones, such as becoming profitable, or becoming publically traded in an IPO, or ceasing to exist as an independent entity via a merger or acquisition. Most startups fail.

In another word, startup companies don't make profit, and once it turned profitable, it ceased to be a startup. There is of course risk involved when you work for a startup company, but what you get back is a bigger slice of the equity.

I don't think I am still working at a startup. Maybe 5 or 6 years ago, when we still worked at that rented duplex near the beach. Not today though, when we have just announced the purchase of our biggest competitor this week :)

Now the question is, would I want to work in a startup again? Maybe not with a mortgage to pay off and two kids to feed. But you never know.

Btw, my contact at Google passed me this job position. Unlike last time, this position is actually available here in Sydney. I do not think I am available for this... Oh wait. I am just too lazy. Anyone interested?