Two Weddings

Xi Two brothers -- one in Christ and one in blood. Two weddings. One is Tim and one is Tom, and on the same day!!

Tim has just launched his RSVP site (Vivian is still asking, why "unsync?"), but we pretty much know that it is 30th of June for a few months already. Then my parents rang a few weeks ago, telling me that my younger brother is getting married as well (which I already know), but the date has also moved to the 30th of June!

One is at St. Matthias Church at Paddington Sydney, and another one is somewhere in Melbourne -- therefore it is impossible for me to make to two weddings on the same day. Moreover it is likely that I need to go down to Melbourne on the 29th to "be with the family".

Current plan is -- I'll go down to Melbourne to join my younger brother's wedding, whereas Vivian will bring our two girls to go to Tim and Anna's wedding in Sydney. We'll see.