Permalink Redirect 0.7.0 Released

I have just committed a new version of Permalink Redirect plugin for WordPress into Subversion, and this one actually has some new features!

  • Old Permalink Structure Redirect. I figured this detailed instruction is way too complicated. So if you have done the wrong thing, chosen a bad permalink structure when your WordPress blog was launched, you can still redirect old permalinks to new without tinkering with Apache mod_rewrite. Just fill in old structure in the options page, and Permalink Redirect plugin will do the rest for you.

  • Hostname Redirect. Is your blog accessible via multiple host names? If you are hosting on a Cpanel account (most popular shared hosting control panel), then the answer is probably yes! Visitors can get to your site via and, but from search engine point of view they are actually two different sites. With Permalink Redirect 0.7, you can turn on an option and it will automatically redirect to the hostname set by Blog Address in the General Options page.

Also a minor fix to the skip rules. Previously it will only check for the path part of an URI, but it will pass in the entire REQUEST_URI to verify skip rules.

Go to the project page and download the latest release now!