A few web-hosting accounts to give away

Long story short. I am currently leasing an under-utilised Virtual Private Server (VPS) in Los Angeles. I have 5 free web hosting accounts to give to friends of this blog. Here are the specs:

  • Lxadmin control panel running on Lighttpd (i.e. no .htaccess)
  • 250Mb storage
  • 5Gb monthly data transfer
  • 4 MySQL database
  • Hosting 2 domains
  • Run PHP 5.2.1 in CGI mode
  • FTP for uploading

Server is located in LAX which is around 165ms round-trip from Sydney Australia. I am bench-marking this low-end VPS running Lxlabs' Host-In-A-Box solution but would like some real usage. Because of the memory limit, you will not be able to host your busy forum on it, but should be good enough for blog sites under 1,000 visitors a day.

Terms and conditions? You can't host illegal content, and let's say I reserve the right to terminate the account.

Sorry you have to bring your own domain. Buy them cheaply from GoDaddy or NameCheap -- around $8/year for a dot-com. Also sorry that there will be very minimum tech support -- I certainly do not run a hosting business. I will just set up an account and you are on your own delegating NS records, uploading files, etc.

I want to see them used -- so don't take one if you are only getting it for the sake of it, but have no intention to actually use it.

Any taker?