A Few Distractions At Work

Since we moved to the new office, there has been quite a few "improvements" happening in the kitchen area that brought quite a bit of distraction.

First of all, a new coffee machine was installed last week. Yes, one of those where you click a button and out comes a cappuccino.

Coffee Machine

Hmm. Yum! Then on Monday someone came and installed this onto the wall at the kitchen area:

Big plasma TV

It is a 42 inch LG plasma TV! And we watched Family Guy on the big plasma during lunch time. Talking about distraction! However, big plasma TV cannot reach its full usefulness without this:

Xbox 360

That is a Xbox 360 by the way, with Dead or Alive 4. However it has only one controller at the moment but the rumour is that another is on the way. I am sure Dead or Alive can help a lot on making decisions in the office, besides its obvious productivity boosting :)