30 Years Ago

This photo was taken today 30 years ago in Taichung, Taiwan.

Scott turns 1 year old

Yum. Chocolate cake.

Stuff happening today:

  • Anna woke up at 6am, with -- way too early for me!
  • Elsie has been very grumpy today. Unsettled growth spurt?
  • Went to Doyles at Watson's Bay for lunch. Fish & chips takeway...
  • And Domino's Pizza for dinner tonight. $4.95 each thanks to this Internet offer.
  • Driving through Bondi Junction during peak hour traffic trying to pick up in-laws. Aargh!!

Hmm. That's about it. Gee I am tired. It also marks my last day of annual leave -- going back to work on Tuesday after the Easters.