Permalink Redirect 0.6.3 and Gravatar Cache 0.1.1 Released

This forum post identified the problem, and while I have not get around to look at it, Filipe has provided the fix. So there you go -- Permalink Redirect 0.6.3, now with category feed URL fixed.

A while ago I have also fixed an issue with Gravatar Cache, when Gravatar2 was released. Gravatar2's blue'ish logo kept on popping out despite an alternate gravatar has been specified. So I went and fixed my code, but since I did not know anyone who was actually using it, I did not bother to update the download page with the new fix. Then Oli turned up today with the enquery -- so there you have it -- a generic Gravatar Cache that works even when is poo poo'ing. Oh, X-Send-File support (for Apache and Lighttpd) has also been added.