Mary, Poor Mary

The content of this post actually came up around 2 weeks ago at the dining table with Vivian...

First we have the Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, where Jesus married to Mary Magdalene the "Holy Grail", had kids before he was crucified on the cross, and Jesus' descendants moved to France to form their own cult. Then we have the Tomb of Jesus, featuring block buster movie director James Cameron, where the bones of Jesus were uncovered back in Jerusalem with other two Mary's. Presumable Mary the mother of Jesus, and Mary Magdalene -- get this -- the wife of Jesus.

We will not get into discussion of how utterly non-sense these "discoveries" were. After all, the entertainment sectors know these best --

  1. Create false controversies around popular religions.
  2. ...
  3. Profit!

However they are too chicken to mock other religions like Islam and Buddhism. Or maybe there is just not enough profit in it. Either way, the Da Vinci Code and the Tomb of Jesus share some similarities, i.e. Jesus is a mere mortal (debated ever since the resurrection of Christ) and Jesus married Mary Magdalene (only came out over the last decade or two).

You can almost hear Mary Magdalene yelling out from heaven

Aarghh! Aarghh! Aarghh!!! Why oh why!!! Why do all these 20th/21st story tellers have to cook up romantic love non-sense between me and our Lord Jesus Christ?!! I am just a follower -- a believe in his death and resurrection! I SWEAR!! Got nothing better to do, huh?! I thought I could have some rest after that stupid Da Vinci Code thingy died down a bit, but then what the #$%^!@ a new one just came out from the Follywood!!!

Oh yeah. That is Mary, poor Mary...