Identity on my BlogSpot Site Stolen

Google Blog Search Beta Call it narcissism, but I have set up Google Blog Search to automatically email me IMMEDIATELY whenever the phrase "Scott Yang" has been mentioned in the blogosphere. However, it has also caught a few surprises recently.

Around 2 months ago there was another Scott Yang who started blogging on Blogger/BlogSpot. Singaporean, and often posting photos of his life serving in the national army.

Then another "Scott Yang" popped up yesterday, writing blogging related topics. "Are Blogs of the Future of Written Human Culture?" Certainly! There is no easier way of recording down our history for the future generation than blogging! "The New Art of Getting Truck Loads of Traffic To Your Blog in 10 Easy Steps" Hey, that is interesting! I love to have more traffic on my sites, and easy = good! So I was about to click through the link to "Scott Yang"'s website. As my mouse cursor hovered above the hyperlink, I took a notice on the URL flashing across the browser's status line...

Wait! That is my old BlogSpot site!

Blogger So I quickly went over to the Blogger site, logged in with my Google account (migrated from Blogger account a while ago), and -- my old blogsite is not there! No blog is listed there. All empty. Nothing!

I have not blogged anything there for ages, and I think I have also deleted all the blog posts from that site because I am getting way too many comment spams. However I do not think I would have deleted the site from my list. After all it is my 4-letter acronym. No way I am loosing it.

And just in case I have accidentally hit the Delete button, confirmed it, and let go my old blogger site. Even the Mighty Google has done it before. Then someone else picked it up in January 2007, started populating with articles "he" scraped off from ezine articles without attribution, and still signed off every post with my own name! Even the blog title says "Scott Yangs Blogger Blog" (sic).

The next thing I know, is blogosphere started saying, "Hey, Scott Yang is a scrapper building MFA sites!". No!!!

Lessons learnt:

  • Do not build your identity on a 3rd party platform in the first place, especially when someone else can easily come and grab that identity later when you accidentally dropped it.

Now where is tha Blogger "Flag It" button?