Bye Bye Australia Square

I went back to the office yesterday for half a day -- not to work, but to pack stuff. We are moving office this Saturday, and as I am still in my annual leave, I will not be back until after the Easter.

Last time we moved it was a month after Anna was born. This time it is a few weeks after Elsie was born -- so I gathered that at work we move offices depending on when Vivian is giving birth. Well. Maybe not true. We have out-grown the current location and it will be difficult and expensive to stay at the same building so we have to move after 2 and half years.

Bye bye 39th floor Australia Square! Bye bye scenic view of Sydney Harbour Bridge and Circular Quays! I thought I better take another picture before moving, but only realised that I have only brought along my dodgy-cam. Anyway...

From the window of my office at Australia Square

We are moving a few blocks south to Martin Place. Much lower floor so no view, i.e. less distraction. I actually do not have the address yet -- better finding it out before going back to work in one week.