Anyone Twittering?

Twitter logo Anyone on Twitter?

It is Evan Williams' (of Blogger and Odeo fame) latest creation, and is currently hosted on TextDrive's accelerators. They call it micro-blogging, where you can post plain text of up to 140 characters using either the web site, your phone via SMS (if you are in US), Google Talk, or its web service API. Moreover, it combines with social networking where you get notification whenever your friends posted something.

So there we have it -- a bunch of guys and girls writing short snippets of text about what they do everyday.

  • Just woken up, on the wrong side of bed (8 hours ago)
  • Had Indomie for breakfast. 3rd pack this week, and it is only Tuesday (7 hours ago)
  • On the bus to work. Cloudy. 24"C at most. (6 hours ago)
  • @friend Yeah that was cool. (3 hours ago)
  • Still working. A boring day. (2 hours ago)
  • ...

Yes -- that would be a typical Twitter time line for a made-up individual (definitely not mine). Pretty much useless to those who do not know the person who is posting these. Yet everyone is claiming that Twitter is so addictive. However I just don't get it (not yet).

Twitter replacing emails? Is scalability and fail-safe delivery in the designing of the protocol? Can I type in long paragraphs, attaching documents and PGP sign my signature? My PGP signature would be more than 140 characters...

Use Twitter productively, as ToDo list, people and business management, a short newsletter, etc. As it is posted on LifeHack, they do look like lots of "hacks" to tweak Twitter into something it wasn't designed for.

I know. It is a simple product. Cool people behind it. It has an API (but which Web 2.0 app hasn't?). People love it... Meanwhile, I am twittering here, trying to figure out why people are so crazy about it.