Trackback 'Em All 0.1 Released

I have just released Trackback 'em All 0.1. It is basically an RSS/Atom feed to pingbacks/trackbacks converter. It fetches a list of RSS/Atom feeds, scan through the entries, and send pingback/trackback to all external links in the feed entries. I have actually been using it for a few months already. It basically:

  • Speeds up your posting (so you don't have to wait for trackback/pingback in WordPress).
  • Ensures all linked URLs are notified.
  • Supports feeds powered by CMS's that don't support pingback/trackback.

We all know how powerful trackbacks and pingbacks are in bringing new visitors to your site, don't we? So I wrote this small program to make sure it works the way I wanted. Python 2.4+ and Universal Feedparser required. You also need to have a hosting account + cron to run it effectively.

Grab it here.