Welcome to 2007

Saw this on Apple's homepage this morning:

Apple: First 30 years were just the beginning

I think it is about the MWSF announcement tomorrow morning. Whatever tricks Steve Jobs is going to pull out from his magic hat, it's better not disappointing. You will surely see another post about it here tomorrow morning, just like last year's.

Now, since Apple is merely 4 days older than me, I guess Apple's bold statement might also apply for me. Welcome to 2007, and let me say it out loud -- the first 30 years were just the beginning.

This post also happens to be the very first post on this blog in 2007, after about 2 weeks of silence. I had a two-weeks break from work, and stayed at home having some rest. Well, not exactly. We went to BBQ in the park, went to the beach, done quite a bit of shopping, watched -- anything from my typical weekday life. And when I said "I just had two weeks break and I feel I need another holiday" on Sunday when I chair the church meeting, some people didn't get it. I was indeed joking, but over the fact that holidays drained me more than work. After all, it's nice to sit in front of computer whole day just type and think. Don't you reckon?

As of new year resolution, I probably won't revisit that 43 things like the year before, as I don't want to embarrass myself again. Still, procrastination has been an unresting devil, and do more exercise has always been an unrealised hope. Just me just keep this year another year in the Lord. Trust him. Rely on him and do his will.

Yes. It was just a short beginning of the eternity.