So, How is MBF?

MBF "So, how is the Mandarin Bible Fellowship?"

It seems to be one of the most frequently asked question when you bump into some old friends who you have not contacted for ages. It happened on a few occasions last Saturday when we went to Florence's farewell. I think maybe it is a good time to actually think about, "how is MBF going?"

  • "God provides". It has been proved again and again that my anxiety is ill-founded. TH had a year of full-time MTS with MBF last year, and now we have Kevin C on MTS with MBF for the next two years! What will happen after that? Hmm. I guess God will provide.
  • "Slow and steady". These are the words I will use to describe the growth of MBF. There is somehow an obsession in "numbers" here at Unichurch/CBS, but through the years I've learnt not to be disappointed by the high turn over rate and slow growth here at MBF.
  • "In good hands". I did feel a bit remote on the things happening in MBF over the last year or two. But it was good, because MBF was certainly in good hands. There are leaders who look after everything. Not to mention that God is in control.
  • "Prayers needed". Lots of things to thank God for, and lots of things to ask God for as well. People's maturity, passion for Christ, willingness to serve, etc. We still need to grow more workers at home than relying on the imports.

Oh. And a wedding is coming up this year. I was chatting to CG last week at a baptism service at someone's swimming pool, and he asked whether there's anyone getting married this year. My brain returns 404 Not Found, but little did I know what has been cooking!

Another exciting year for the Mandarin ministry on UNSW campus I am sure.