Performance Comparison with 6 Leading Web Frameworks

Alrond's technoblog: The performance test of 6 leading frameworks. Very interesting read, as Alrond tested Django (Python), TurbGears (Python), Ruby on Rails 1.1.6/1.2.1 (Ruby), Catalyst (Perl), Code Igniter (PHP) and Symfony (PHP), using various load and memory testing utilities. His conclusion?

  • Django is fast, and can be very light on memory as well.
  • RoR 1.1.6 is significantly faster than 1.2.1, which was a bit disappointing.
  • PHP frameworks can be very slow, unless a opcode cache is used.
  • Symfony is way too complex and too slow.

Alright, I guess after all performance is only half the story, and I am pretty sure the RoR guys are willing to trade performance with speed of development. Lucky for the Python guys that they can have both.