Ministries in the City

Life in the CityThursday sometime in the morning

I was at work, trying to solve some "problems" as usual, and CJ from City Bible Forum called by direct line, asking me to come to Ecom's meeting to kick start the ministry in 2007.

"Hmm. Yes?" (Put that into my Outlook calendar, remind myself to confirm with Vivian, etc)

CJ then invited me to join his table, under the banner of the FUT (short for "Follow-up Team"). "Ever had any training in follow up? Done Just for Starters?"

"Yup", but that was like almost 11 years ago. But just like all the keen beans with ticks under all SOCM courses, getting into doing some follow up wouldn't be too hard, would it?

Thursday evening

Okay. Time confirmed, and I am going to Ecom's meeting. Emailed CJ. Also have to cancel a clashed dinner in the same evening.

Monday evening at 6:00pm

Finished work early'ish, and headed straight to Scotts Presbyterian Church at the western side of Wynyard. Lots of people were there already, most of those whom I have never met. That was alright, as I often find it is easier talking to complete strangers than someone you know. So there we go, chatting with two other blokes in the finance sector, until the evening started with the dinner.

During the meeting PK went through everything from Ecom mission statement, yearly planning, various ministry groups, finance, etc, and left sometime for each ministry group to discuss what they are planning to do for the year.

So, a few of us in the FUT table, coming back to the topic of following up those who have visited the City Bible Forum, and wanting to know more about Jesus. Then I realised that there are a few problems.

  1. Many have only seen the "Just for Starters" for the first time that evening.
  2. Most have little idea what "follow up" involves.
  3. We have no girls in the group so somehow CJ has to figure out what to do with the female contacts.
  4. Done Just for Starters, then what? Done Complete Christianity (Colossians), then what? I guess the issue is, how do we fit "church" into the picture of following someone up in the city.

Let alone the idea and practises of "follow up" is just so different from a student church. Or at least for an overseas student church, who deals with mostly Asian students with no privacy consciousness -- what we do is just get their number, call them up, ask them to come or meet up, push forward the idea of going through a series of 7 Bible studies, encourage them to come to our church, etc.

But I can imagine calling up a complete alien fund manager in firm XYZ to arrange meet up for Bible studies over lunch break can be very awkward.

Or maybe it can be a good opportunity for me to get some hand on experience with various ministries in the city?

Well. Sounds like I've just got myself some commitments this year.