MacWorld Keynote 2007 -- iPhone, Apple TV and Apple Inc.

Apple iPhone Am I the only one that found this year's MWSF Keynote "boring"? Like Josh Jones of DreamHost, I think I am a bit disappointed.

So what have we got here?

A massive (in terms of both size and cost) phone that we are not going to see in Australia for quite a while, a media-streaming device that locks you into iTunes which has "Intel Inside", and Apple dropped "Computer" from their brand.

Apple TV Yes, iPhone and Apple TV (formally iTV) been long predicted, which makes the announcement not so exciting at all (although the stock market beg to differ). No wonder why Apple lawyers have been ruthlessly crushing down rumour sites with leaked info. Changing from "Apple Computer Inc" to simply "Apple Inc" does demonstrate Apple's evolution from previous 30 years. They don't just want to conquer your desktop (which they still haven't), your personal music player (iPod is clearly the market leader) but they also want to own your living room.

Well, that's my post about Macworld Keynote 2007. A bit short I think, because the products are just so irrelavent. I don't watch TV (sorry Jobs!) and I prefer to keep my mobile phone simple and cheap (thus my Nokia 1100).