What we have picked up in Bondi on Saturday

Anna in the Valco Rounabout Check out what Vivian has picked up on the side of the road in Bondi on Saturday. A pram (sorry, toddler pictured not part of the deal)! A Valco Roundabout to be exact, although some accessory is missing.

The pram itself is in very good condition. Besides missing accessories, there is some rust on the spring near the rear-wheel axis. And that's it! We took the seat off, threw into the washing machine, and it felt almost new. Even Anna loved it when she tested it out -- it is much bigger and roomier than our light-weight Graco 4-wheel stroller.

It's quite heavy though -- more than 11kg according to the spec on the Valco's website. Worse, it actually does not fit into the boot of our existing car (a Pulsar N15 hatchback). Vivian has to squeeze it into the back passengers' seat when she scavenged it. Not sure what we are going to do about it -- getting a roof rack to strap the pram on top?

It is just surprising how people throw out perfectly good stuff in working order as rubbish. We know that nothing in this world is eternal, and everything will perish -- but throwing a nice pram out is just such a waste. Maybe it is just Bondi. Maybe we will drive around Double Bay next Saturday to see what other goodies can we pick up on the road.