Christmas is all about Materialism

Monopoly: Materialism Went to City Bible Forum yesterday, and Malcolm Williams from FEVA gave a talk with an excellent title: "Why Materialism Is One of The Best Things about Christmas". I love the title because it gets in your face and is controversial -- Christians have been preaching for ages that Christmas is not about shopping, exchanging gifts, overseas holidays, etc, but now a sermon is preached on why it is all about Materialism?

Materialism here is actually talking about Christ's incarnation to man -- immortal God took on flesh and blood, humbled himself to become one of us, so that he can bring salvation to all. Creator turns into the "material", and this is really what the Christmas is all about!

Need to think about how the concept can be translated into Chinese. 聖誕節的中心在物質主義? Doesn't sound very convincing...

Next week will be the last CBF of 2006. Title: "Why the tree is one of the best things about Christmas" We all know what it is going to be about, right? :)