What I have been reading these days

It's November! Two more month to the new year, and blogging here has also been winding down.

I've got back to reading books on the bus again, as I found it better use of time than reading SMH, new feed items or listening to podcasts. Anyway, these are the books that I have been reading, although I've finished none.

Building Scalable Web Sites Building Scalable Web Sites by Cal Henderson, the architect behind Flickr. I am about 3 quarter way through, and I have to say that it is quite an useful book for someone who is building, or is planning to build a horizontally scalable website. Lots of good info there, ranging from hardware, network, OS optimization, software architecture, security, etc. It is PHP and MySQL centric.

Escape From Kabul Escape From Kabul by Eberhard Muehlan. It is a documentary of 8 Christian aid workers being captured by Taliban in Afghanistan just before 911 5 years ago, how they continued to trust God, and how were they rescued at the end. No, I am reading the English version (not the German one) :) This book was given to Vivian by someone else, but somehow ended up in my computer bag so I read a bit of it. Only half way through but stopped for a while. The story told is very encouraging, although reading through it can be a bit confusing at times, as the same parts are repeated from a different aid worker's perspective.

Prodigal World Prodigal World: how we abandoned God and suffered the consequences by Phillip D Jensen. It's a collection of essays by Phillip, and I have just started reading it. However, if you have heard enough talks/sermons by PDJ, the content should not be foreign to you. It's typical PDJ's attack on the western world and how they have drifted away from their roots in Christianity.

They should keep my commute time occupied for this month. By the way, currently there's 20% off everything in stock sale at Koorong, which ends today!!! I am getting Broughton Knox Volume 3, which should be a good read.