Instead of going to work, I have been sitting around at home doing nothing for the last two days. I was sick -- that's why. Got a flu on Monday, and then went through all that temperature, running nose, dizziness, headache, coughing, etc. I am getting better now, and hopefully will head back to work tomorrow, but Vivian has just started to have sore throat, and Anna was having running nose the whole day today. Deja Vu?

True. I think I have been sick a bit too often this year, and have constantly been taking 1-2 days of sickies every month or two. I certainly feel much less healthy this year comparing to last year. I wonder why.

  • Growing older? Getting into that big Three-Oh certainly has more than just psychological effect.
  • Exercise less? I can't remember when was the last time I played tennis or basketball, or went for a jog or run in the field.
  • Getting busier? Somehow I felt myself over-committing this year on all other little projects that I was working on. This leads to less time to do exercise, less sleep, etc. Not good.

Illness is our body's reminder to tell us to slow down and take some rest, but it seems that I always missed the message this year. I think I'll try to sleep early tonight. Like, before 12?

By the way, I have just soft launched a new project this week -- OzBargain.com.au. It's a Digg/Reddit style collaborative bargain linking site, powered by Drupal. It's still in beta, but I don't think I'll touch the code this week.