Jonathan Schwartz believes in network clients

Jonathan Schwartz: I believe in network clients. Quite a big claim from the CEO of Sun Microsystems, especially when you have lived through the late 90's when the ex-CEO Scott McNealy kept on talking about "network is the computer". Schwartz clarified what is "thin", and argued that innovation on the client side is back.

Great read, and I think he has made many valid points. It's a warning for those who is still stuck on "web-based apps". The client side is back! Now with powerful servers and pervasive networks, people would want user experiences. As the focus of technology moves onto mobiles, it is also necessary to design client side software that can continue to operate when network is temporarily interrupted.

Btw, I think Sun is on the rise, just like the late 90's, and I think it is again a "cool" company rather than one that just makes big iron servers and enterprise software. If Steve Jobs is the cool CEO to the Mac fanboys, trendy designers and Generation Y hippies, Jonathan Schwartz is the cool CEO to the server admins, data centre operators and software developers.