Personal Updates

Just noticed that I have not been blogging here for a while, besides relaying exciting news like the release of Internet Explorer 7. Anyway. Here's some updates.

  • Everyone took turns to get sick at home. Anna was sick two weeks ago. I was sick last week, and Vivian was sick this week (and is still sick). That again reminded me the frailty of life. But also thank God that illness did not strike Vivian one or two months earlier, as she is already in her second trimester.

  • Oh yeah, I don't think I have blogged about it here before, but Vivian is pregnant and we are expecting one mid-March next year.

  • Gee. It is already almost end of October. Oh wait. I haven't done my tax return! I think I have beaten my last year's record. I'm aiming to get get it done sometime this week...

That's about it for now.