DreamHost's 200Gb/2Tb Madness

DreamHost panel storage/xfer Bah! I thought it was crazy earlier this year when DreamHost quadrupled the storage space and octupled monthly data transfer. Apparently it was saner than I thought, as they have just increased the storage by 10 fold and doubled the bandwidth. Now there are over 200Gb of storage and over 2Tb of data transfer in my account. Suggestion of using these allocation "constructively"?

It again proves the economy of resource overselling grows even faster than Moore's law. Looking forward seeing DH getting bashed in web hosting forums for being extremely overselling, but in 6 months time everyone will be offering this amount of service.

I've written a more detailed coverage here. Btw, they now have a $99.99 off special that bring down first year of web hosting to USD$19.41, or AUD$26.