A Day of Bludging

Instead of going to work like most people do on Mondays, I took a day of leave and skipped work yesterday. Vivian's ultrasound scan -- yeah, that's much more exciting.

We arrived at 10:30am, and like all other public services here we waited and waited. We were then led into a small dark room, with all the equipment and stuff. Anna was pretty excited when the images started showing on the screen, but I guess it wasn't what she has expected and was bored (and a bit scared) after two minutes so I have to take her outside.

It was amazing seeing how life is formed. We're not first time parents, but still amazed. We actually asked about the gender, but baby #2 was a bit camera-shy so there's still a lot of uncertainty there. I guess we just need to come up with two sets of names. We have pretty much decided baby girl's English name, so we just need to come up with 3 more names (English & Chinese).

Seriously, naming your computers is sort of fun, but coming up with a name that is meaningful, Christian, easy to pronounce (for the grand parents), not all other kids that we know are having, and amongst the ones we like -- it's an exciting but not an easy task. We have only 5 months to nail those names down...

... whereas I only have less than 2 weeks to do my tax return! I have only taken the first step (installing etax from ATO). I should try to wrap my mind around it tonight.

* * *

Pharmacy Price Comparison A small website that I hacked up two weeks ago -- Australian Pharmacy Price Comparison. Sorry for blowing my own trumpet here (I guess that's what the personal blog is for). It basically lets you search pharmaceutical products on several Australian on-line pharmacies and chemists, and list them by price, so you can buy from the cheapest store.

Site is done in PHP and bots are in Python.

It's also sitting on a new .com.au domain that I bought. I applied for an ABN so I can applied for a .com.au domain, so I can host the site on my overseas VPS. No business plan yet.

* * *

How easy it is to make a Digg-like site? I'm thinking of getting one up quickly, and so far these are the options:

  • Pligg -- nicely implemented Digg clone in PHP. Functionally rich, lots of users, but does not appear that easy to "mod". Smarty? Why Smarty when PHP is already a template language?!
  • DiggClone -- turns me off when the last entry in CHANGELOG is last year. Didn't even bother to check it out...
  • Akarru or Scuttle -- hacking existing social bookmarking scripts looks like a possibility. At least these guys have done it.
  • Drupal with Vote Up/Down, or WordPress with Post Rating plugins -- existing CMS is definitely much more hackable. Although they aren't really "Digg clones" but I guess they still do what I wanted.

Currently I've got a Scuttle hacked up doing what I wanted, but inclined to go with Drupal + Vote Up/Down package because of flexibility that already exists in Drupal.

* * *

I think I have spreaded myself way too thin this year. Too many things I wanted to do. Too many new projects. Yet existing work remains the same.

Feel like I'll be in big trouble if I don't stop dreaming about new stuff.