Phone line in maintenance mode, preparing for ADSL2+

At around 10:30am, my SSH connection back home suddenly got dropped. "Aargh! ADSL glitches!" I mumbled. Host is not pingable, but it came back up after 5 minutes of outage -- only to go off-line 2 minutes afterwards!

Now if you call my home phone number, you'll get a voice saying this line is currently in maintenance. Looks like today is my cut off day for ADSL2+, switching from Telstra to Optus equipment on the exchange! Due to issues always associated with initial roll-outs, my "15 business day" delays almost doubled. But at least it is now happening. :D

Hopefully the line will be ready when I get back home today. There were a few people on Exetel forums stuck in Optus' service network after Optus stuffed up the transition, and ended up having no Internet for a few days. Finger crossed.

My phone line at home will not be able to receive incoming calls for 24-48 hours, according to Exetel, until the transition to Optus has completed. So meanwhile if you wish to contact me, please call Vivian's or my mobile number.

Update 5pm -- phone is back as I have just called Vivian. Now hopefully the net is working as well...