Peter Brock, Steve Irwin and Jesus Christ

Two famous Aussie died last week, and one controversial Israelite died almost 2,000 years ago. I did not expect to put those three names under one sentence, but somehow Joshua managed to used them as illustrations to conclude his talk this morning on John 6.

If I remembered correctly, the logic basically goes like this.

Steve Irwin died doing what he loved the most, being with the wild life animals. Peter Brock died doing what he loved the most, racing in his beloved Daytona Coupe. Jesus died for what he loved the most, hanging on the cross as atoning sacrifice for the sins of humanity. The difference is, Jesus did not die in an accident, but under very salvation plan of God. And it is this death that secured our future in heaven.

I guess I need to go through the recording again to figure out what I have missed.

FOCUS Church recording has been flaky lately, and it was partly my fault. My MP3 recorder was broken -- possibly just a bad connector -- that caused the sound switched on and off constantly. Maybe it is time to shop for a cheap replacement. Fortunately CW has been doing backup recording with his Creative so hopefully I'll be able to grab what he has recorded today. (btw, you can download many talks this year on our preaching program page)