Finally Connected with ADSL2+

Yesterday's story continued. First of all, the switch over seems to be pretty quick. Incoming call issues were expected to be resolved in 24 hours, but Vivian had started to receive calls at home merely 5 hours after the line dropped. It could be less, as we don't receive calls every 10 minutes.

Arrived back home at around 7:15pm. Turned off the modem while doing some "domestic work". Finished washing, turn the modem back on, and it sync'ed with ADSL2+ speed!! My Billion 7401VGP is flying with ADSL2+ speed! Well done Exetel! Here is the readout from the modem:

  Sync Speed SNR Margin Line Attenuation
Upstream 829000 (810 kbps) 8.5 dB 37.5 dB
Downstream 12703360 (12,406 kbps) 12.0 dB 15.5 dB

So to the Kensington exchange I am synchronsing at 12,810 kbps downstream and 810 kbps upstream. It more than half of advertised theoretical maximum 24 Mbps, despite being almost 3km away from the exchange. So I am pretty happy :)

How fast does it download? Heading to, picked an Optus mirrow, and took the 15 MB Cable/ADSL2+ test. Here's one taken this morning:

ADSL2+ Speed Test Result

You can definitely feed the speed when you download large files from Australian mirrors. It is about 6.5 times fast than my old 1500/256 kbps connection, and large tarballs during Gentoo emerge were pulled down in no time.

But the question is, does it make surfing the web much faster?

Nope. Pinging my VPS in Seattle and Atlanta still take more than 200 ms, thanks to this great ocean that divided America from Australia. Downloading files from many websites hosted on cheap dedicated boxes or virtual private servers are still slow at 1-2 Mbps, as they probably have their own pipe throttled (or bandwidth way oversold). A search on Google still takes 150 ms to generate. A WordPress page with a couple badly coded plugins still takes the whole second or two to produce. A fatter pipe between my home and Exetel's facility does not make much impact on day to day web surfing experience.

I could go on talking about how a fast ADSL2+ connection is not much use to Joe Sixpack and Sally Soccermom. But maybe after I have downloaded half the Internet and all that Linux ISO's :)