Buying Technical Books in Australia

Just bought a programming related book on-line. It was released in Q2 2006 so I did not consider the second hand book market. I went straight to the oracle asking where can I find it in on-line bookshops in Australia.

Only a handful of shops returned, and LSL Australia is around $10 cheaper than the big guys, although both are cheaper than the RRP. Who buy things at RRP these days anyway. Except, if you are a student and shopped in Co-op Bookshop, which happened to be the most expensive of them all.

Sounds like LSL is the one to go? However, there's a Dymocks 50 metres from the building where I work, and it costs $11 for LSL to post the book to my office. D'oh. Logo I ended up buying the book from the big A, and it will be shipped from the States in 2 weeks. The listed price is less than half of Dymock's "special price", and even if you factor in the postage (about half the cost of the book) and plus 10% GST (just for the sake of comparison), it is still a good 7 bucks cheaper than LSL's listed price without the delivery. Not to mention Amazon's shopping cart is probably one of the best out there for your Wow experience.

I guess no one can really compete against Amazon for their volumes. Or is that so? Where do you buy your technical books in Australia?