Preaching and Blogging

From Darren Rowse the ProBlogger, where he compared preaching and blogging:

I loved working up a sermon in the lead up to giving it. Researching, looking at what others had to say on the topic, piecing together thoughts, looking for illustrations and examples (tangents) and then practicing giving it and making the last minute tweaks and additions in the day before Sunday arrived.

In many ways it was similar to blogging.

Definitely agree. Presenting a sermon is quick -- getting up there, and 30 minutes later you are done (unless you are Joshua of course). However, preparing a sermon is a much more complicated matter, and I feared that it is getting even more complex when your potential audiences get more sophisticated. It is now more than just working through the Word, constructing an argument, presenting the case, and concluding with an exhortation. You gotta start with a witty introduction. Best if it is something relevant and recent. What about something controversial? Oh, and don't forget about the power point slides and nicely structured outline. Don't forget about images and other forms of multimedia as well.

At the end, time for preparing a sermon can magnify to 5x-10x the time presenting the same talk. It would be much longer, if preachers today live in a world without Google or Yahoo! search :)

It is indeed very similar to blogging. Writing is quick, but researching is very taxing. I've often spotted an interesting news item, thinking "hey I want to write about it", and by the time words are typed up, proof-read, few hours would have passed. Writing an insightful post is just taking too much time.

No wonder I have only been posting only quick links and pointless babbling.