Home Server Died Again

My home server is off-line again. D'oh.

Fortunately unlike last time, it is not the hard disk. It turns out my wall socket has overloaded and power got cut off. Electricity to the rest of the house is okay -- except that two sockets behind my desk that power all my networking gears. Not exactly sure what happened. It was on exactly the same set up for the last two years. Although the wiring might look a little bit scary -- ADSL modem, old server, laser printer, and other half dozen transformers (all pretty low current) pluggined into two power boards going to the wall, but no extra high demand appliance has been added since last week.

Maybe the wall socket just woke up this morning feeling depressed, and decided to have a break?

Vivian doesn't want me to open it up to have a look, and the electricians won't be here until early tomorrow morning. Meanwhile, there is no Internet at home. Nor can my powerless home server do anything.

It is actually not too critical, as I have been moving most sites to my hosting accounts, and I trust they have better power protection than the one I got at home. Home server still runs all my mails though, as running things like SpamAssassin is really taxing on low-memory VPS. It would be great if there's a good alternative to amavisd-new / SpamAssassin / ClamAV that requires less memory...