Apple the Copycat Hypocrite

Everyone enjoyed Steve Jobs' keynote at WWDC '06 yesterday. Leopard got a great preview, and Windows Vista got bashed for trying to copy good features from Mac OS X. Mac fans everywhere enjoyed the humiliation of Microsoft, but at the same time others wondered whether Apple themselves are ripping other products off.

... while Jobs gave his keynote at WWDC yesterday pointing out Redmond's failure to deliver on Vista while OSX continues to steam ahead, I found it interesting that many of the features that they're selling this upgrade with can already be found in the Mac developer community.

Chris (and later on Phill Ryu) then went on listing features from freeware and shareware "ripped off" by Leopard. Nothing new I guess -- Dashboard on Tiger still felt like a copycat attempt to integrate Konfabulator into the operating system.

That is all fine. Copying the best features from other best products is pretty much how most of software development works. In some sense you can argue that the entire open source software movement has copying sharing in its core foundation. Ever wondering why so many desktop environment / window managers in X11 look and work just like other commercial counterparts?

But what eeks me is how they are bashing Microsoft for being a photocopier, and demonstrating new features in Leopard they ripped off elsewhere at the same time! What do we call it?